Guide to publish your ready iOS App to the App Store
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Guide to publish your ready iOS App to the App Store

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To publish your iOS app, Sign in with your Apple Id on App Store Connect, select your app and follow the steps below:

Navigate to Prepare for Submission

  • Add the following details. Make sure the details do not have any third-party platform information(eg. Play store, Android): 
  1. Promotional Text
  2. Description 
  3. Keywords
  4. Support URL
  5. Marketing URL
  6. Copyright
  7. Sign-in required - Add login credentials of a sample user of your website.
  8. Contact Information

Navigate to App Information

  •  In the Category section, select the Primary and Secondary Category of your app.

Navigate to App Privacy

  • Click on the Edit Button next to the Privacy Policy and add your website's privacy URL.

Once all the steps are completed, Navigate to Prepare for submission section and click on the Submit for Review button. It will take 3-4 business days for the reviewing process. 

Note: Please do not disable/delete the sample logins provided and don't make any changes(like enabling/disable features) on the AtomChat Admin Panel during the review process. After the review process, you can make changes on the AtomChat Admin Panel.


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