Report Conversation

With Report Conversation, users can report abusive/offensive conversations and users to website administrators. Users can specify the reason as to why they are reporting a conversation.

To use Report Conversation, you need to add SMTP Configuration details in AtomChat Admin Panel -> Features -> Under “Conversation Feature”, you will find the “Report Conversation” feature.

Document image

First you need to enter the SMTP details by clicking the settings icon as shown in above screenshot and then you can enable the feature.

NOTE: Please before entering the SMTP details, please verify whether your SMTP connection is working properly or not. You can test your SMTP connection on the following link.

For the Report Conversation feature to work properly, please make sure you have entered the proper and working details for SMTP configuration.

Once you have configured the SMTP details and enabled the Report Conversation feature, the “Report Conversation” option will be available in the user’s chat box.

Open the chat box of the user. Open the user menu, that means for docked layout there is an arrow besides user name and for embedded layout, there is three dots icon.

Docked Layout:

Document image

Embedded Layout:

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When you click on the “Report Conversation” option, the popup window will open. There you can mention the reason and other details about the conversation and the user. Then click on Report User.

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The email with the details that you have entered will be sent to the website administrators (that means to the email address that you have entered in the SMTP Configuration settings under “Enter the E-mail where you would like to send the incident reports:”).