If Audio/Video Chat is not working
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If Audio/Video Chat is not working

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If AtomChat's Audio and Video chat feature is not working on your website 

Audio/Video calling is included in our Startup, Growth and Mega Plans. If you are on any one of these plans and audio/video calling is not between two users, please check for the following:

Camera and Microphone Permissions are blocked for your browser

For Chrome 

  1. On your website URL, click on the lock icon you see in the beginning of your website URL 
  2. Enable the Camera and Microphone options 
  3. If you do not see the options, click on Site Settings → Secutiry and Privacy → Camera and Microphone
  4. If the permissions are blocked, set them to Allow or Ask 

For Safari 

  1.  Open Safari → Preferences → Websites → Camera and Microphone 
  2. If the permissions are blocked, set them to Allow or Ask

Before connecting on every audio or video call, you will get a browser pop-up to allow Camera and Microphone access if the setting is set to Ask.

Your website domain is not secure 

Because of updated browser policies, all media devices like camera and microphone will not be given access for Non-SSL domains.

Your domain must be SSL certified, i.e. it must be accessible via “https://

Please add an SSL certificate to your domain.

An SSL certified secure domain is required for all AtomChat features to work 

Users trying to connect do not have media devices 

The systems of both users trying to connect on an audio/video call should be connected to a built-in or external camera and microphone.

Even if one of the participants does not, the call will not connect.

If you still need help

If all the above check-out for you and the issue persists, please reach out to us at support@atomchat.com 

Happy to help :)

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