Advanced Security
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Advanced Security

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You can add an additional layer of Advanced security. 

You can set the chat_signature variable along with the other Javascript variables in AtomChat's code.

What is chat_signature? 

Data signature needs to be calculated from the MD5 digest of a string containing the ID, name, and API Key 
(in that order) separated by commas. Let's assume these are your variables

  $chat_id = "SUPERHERO1"; // UID
  $chat_name = "IRON MAN"; // Name
  $chat_apikey = "chat_api_key"; // API Key (from Admin Panel)

You can calculate the signature using the following code:

  var chat_id = $chat_id;
  var chat_name = $chat_name;
  var chat_signature = <?php echo md5("$chat_id,$chat_name,$chat_apikey"); ?>; 

Lastly, log in to your AtomChat Admin Panel -> Settings -> Authentication. 

Enable the security setting: "Enable Data Signature Validation?"

Enable Domain Mapping

By enabling the Domain Authentication setting, you can restrict the AtomChat Access to a particular domain.

Perform the following steps to Enable Domain Authentication/Mapping

  • Go to your AtomChat Admin Panel -> Settings -> Authentication -> Under 'Security' tab -> Set 'Enable domain authentication' to 'Yes'.

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