Admin Panel Configuration

Now that you have submitted your request for white-labelled apps, you need to make sure the AtomChat Admin Panel is configured correctly to work in sync with your mobile apps.

Log in to your AtomChat admin panel. Click on the Settings accordion and select Mobile.

  • Change the Title to your App name eg: AtomChat
Document image

Assuming you have already created a Firebase project. To create a new project click here.

  • In the Firebase Console, click on the Bundle ID/ Package Name. Then click on the settings logo.
Document image

  • Select the Cloud Messaging tab and copy the Server key as shown below

Document image
  • Add the copied Server key to AtomChat Admin Panel under Settings -> Mobile tab -> Firebase server key. Click on the Update Settings button.

Document image

URL Configurations

Document image
  • The site URL represents the site which has AtomChat installed.
  • The Login URL represents  the Login page of your website. It is used to redirect the users to your login webpage on mobile apps.
  • The logout URL represents the URL which the user will be redirected to, once they log out from the mobile apps. 

Once you are done with all the configurations, Click on the Update Settings button.